The Architectural Roofing and Cladding Group is a licensed stockist and installer of the Quick Batten Tray system (QBT 450™) – an innovative roof system developed in New Zealand, for New Zealand conditions.

The innovative Quick Batten Tray roof system or QBT 450™ is a modern tray-look roof system that is easy to install and cost-effective.
The QBT 450™ is available as a complete system in either coil coated aluminium or steel, and in a range of colours. Most importantly, it offers superior protection against the New Zealand elements. It stands up to all weather conditions – sunshine, rain, wind, hail and snow.
The indirect or concealed fixing means there are no penetrations, therefore reducing the risk of leaks. The system allows for thermal expansion and contraction, which permits unrestricted movement in earthquakes, for example.
Everything, from the tray to all the accessories comes complete in one package.

What are the benefits of the QBT 450™ tray roof system?

  • developed in New Zealand, for New Zealand conditions
  • cost-effective
  • BRANZ appraised
  • indirect (concealed) fixing
  • quick and simple to install
  • available in steel or aluminium in a range of colours
  • the complete system comes in one package.

The QBT 450™ works perfectly in all weather conditions and protects you and your home for many years to come

QBT 450™ is a registered Trade Mark Innovative Patent pending (AUS 2016100914) Design registered NZ Design Application No.421764.

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