Pe2 – the safe aluminium cladding that bends to your imagination.

When architectural style and imagination meets safety and functionality – it’s called Pe2.

The Architectural Roofing Company’s Pe2 fire-resistant aluminium cladding is a safe, flexible, cladding solution that knows virtually no creative limits.
Pe2 is certified to the latest European non-combustibility standards (EN 13501). Lightweight, fast and easy to install, Pe2 has no fire hazard or toxic gas issues. It can meet the highest ratings in non-combustibility, in buildings of any height.
Added to that, Pe2 is 100% recyclable and its hidden fixings reduce the need for future maintenance.

Why Aluminium Cladding?

Pe2 bends to your imagination, rather than the other way around.
Aluminium is the ideal material for innovative and demanding facades, and Pe2 provides architects with virtually unlimited options for creative design. It’s ideal for complex architectural elements such as curves, arcs, edges or overhanging ceiling constructions.
​Formed from solid 2mm aluminium, Pe2 gives the architect complete control over form, shape and colour. The panels are manufactured to your specifications in New Zealand by The Architectural Roofing Company, from imported materials.

Nominal Dimensions: 3000mm x 600mm
Substrate: 2mm Aluminium