It is human nature to strive to create something truly unique and lasting, a statement that makes others stand back and admire.

In architecture the building envelope can deliver the most significant impact, but increased regulations in the construction sector can restrict the full creativity needed to generate the intended reaction.

The Architectural Roofing Company can create unique, handcrafted roofing and cladding solutions which encompass all the creative needs for impact, incorporating natural elements such as Zinc and Copper, or new technology metals, all of which deliver superior durability of materials and stability of colours and effects that exceed traditional materials by generations, and still meet all the requirements of the regulatory authorities.

The Architectural Roofing Companies team of dedicated specialists then fabricate and install these natural systems creating a unique handcrafted finish, with full attention to detail, which is very difficult to replicate.

The result is a stunning look that will naturally weather with the environment, require minimal maintenance and will be appreciated and admired into next century.

Zappone Copper Tiles

Copper has long been used for its good looks and durability, Zappone tiles take this to an all new level with a design that shows off the natural copper effect in all its glory, while incorporating practical installation which ensures weather tightness and stability in all weathers. The design allows 70% of the tile to sit evenly on the deck, allowing for foot traffic, the tile dimension and interlocking system allows for thermal expansion and contraction with no stress to the fixings or to the tile itself.
This system requires minimal maintenance, and will enhance any design large or small.

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LIC Tiles

This tile system delivers a stunning range of colours, texture and effects, incorporating new generation materials which are easier on the environment, through all levels, from manufacturing, function, and end of practical life.
The LIC (Light Interference Colour) effect is simply beautiful, the finish is created by an electrochemical process which creates a natural occurring chromium oxide on stainless steel, the chromium oxide layer acts like a rain drop creating a rainbow effect. Wheat, bronze, purple , red, and green are just some of the colours achieved, the effect is light dependent, so view angles, and light angles will vary the effect of the perceived colour. This system has been proven through 30 years of use, with time and weather having no impact on the colour or finish, another option to create a lasting impression on any building design.

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Zalmag Shingles and Panels

Custom made Zalmag cladding and roofing systems are affordable and deliver great looks with exceptional durability. The Zalmag system is created using a unique galvanized coating on steel consisting of 11% aluminium, 3% magnesium and 86% zinc, The system is manufactured from 95% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable, the finished product has 10 times plus the corrosion resistance of traditional galvanized products. Zalmag weathers from an engaging silver colour to an attractive bluish grey tone which has been proven in the market for over 40 years.

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The Architectural Roofing Company can create an appealing, elegant, timeless finish for your next commercial or residential project

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