Central Otago


Salmond Architecture

Main Contractor

Down to Earth Building




A landscape inspired family home. the dramatic Quilted shadow line, created by the prefa fx12, representing the raw and jagged mountains and Light gray of the roof taking inspiration of the washed cobbles on the lake front, while the dramatic weathering steel reminds of the mining heritage of the area.

The FX12 Panel is pre-fabricated by Prefa and made from coil-coated aluminium. The material allows for refined details on corners and windows, bringing all the focus on the shadow effect it's creating. This panel is an exciting variation on the classic flatlock profile and can even be used for roofing. Our proven TARC TRAY SnapLock is the perfect choice for economical tray roofing and the rhythm of the seams helps to visually connect the two units.

Weathering Corten steel brings a stark contrast to the home, executed in TARC's Single Lock Standing Seam with random tray width. The natural weathering of the corten gives an organic feel to the whole property.