Our lightweight cladding and roofing systems are manufactured from copper, zinc, aluminium, colorsteel or colorcote using high precision, state-of-the-art CNC technology.

We source the best international and local metals to create our cladding and roofing products to stand up to the demands of your designs and our harsh New Zealand climate. These materials open up every possibility to create structures that are modern, unique and quite simply - stunning.

View our material range below:


DHP 122 half hard copper

Copper naturally oxidizes within the environment, producing firstly a dark warm red then over time this dark red begins to form a light bluish/green patina over the surface of the copper. It is one of the longest-lasting roofing materials.

  • Natural oxidisation forms a protective coating, maintaining the integrity of the copper
  • Flexibility makes irregular or curved roof shapes possible
  • Highly durable – copper can last for well over 100 years
  • Recyclable – 50% of copper comes from recycled sources
  • Small environmental footprint
  • Pre-weathered finishes available

We work with copper from:

Aurubis KME



Pre-coated .7mm

Aluminium allows designers to explore colours with the unique finishes of coil-coated aluminium and consistency across batches. Corrosion-resistant is highly favoured in coastal areas.

  • Cost savings when compared to other coating processes
  • Uniform quality and exterior durability
  • Large range of colours to match other elements
  • Can be custom coloured as required
  • Can be shaped to any design
  • The most ‘green’ and efficient coating process
  • Material weight is low and easy to transport
  • up to 30-year coating warranty

We offer aluminium products from:

Prefa Euramax Elval  



Pure zinc

Over time zinc weathers from a lustrous shine to a beautifully textured matt-grey patina, giving dynamic and striking results. Highly malleable and flexible, corrosive resistant and low-maintenance – it meets every architectural demand.

  • A natural material
  • Blue/grey patina forms over time
  • Durable, with low to no maintenance
  • Low carbon footprint at manufacture
  • 100% recyclable & no plastic film
  • Easy to profile and form
  • Sealant free roofs are achievable
  • Variety of applications to roof, façade, roof drainage and architectural detail
  • Pre-weathered finishes available

We work with zinc products from: 




Pre-coated .55mm

Steel has been an integral roofing material for decades and today it is even more popular than ever. Advanced manufacturing methods and new paint processes ensure it meets the most demanding modern roofing standards.

  • The most cost-effective metal available
  • Raw material is manufactured in New Zealand
  • Extensive choice of colours available
  • High reflectivity enhances energy efficiency
  • Durable and weather resistant to sun, rain, snow, wind
  • Low maintenance

We work with pre-coated steel products from:

Colorsteel from NZ Steel

Colorcote from Pacific Coil Coaters