COPPER DHP 122 half hard Copper .5mm – .7mm

Copper was one of the first metals to be exploited by man over 10,000 years ago. Many of the great churches of medieval Europe were roofed in this material and survive to this day. Copper is still a thoroughly modern building material offering an effectively indefinite design life, resistance to corrosion in any atmosphere and no maintenance requirement. With a long history of extensive recycling, low embodied energy, fire resistance and safety in use, this material is the most sustainable of roof coverings.


ZINC Pure Zinc .7mm

Zinc has a long standing tradition with the architects and builders of Europe. Used in Paris for over 150 years the clear light blue effect is what gives Paris the name ‘la ville lumiere’ or city of light. Zinc like copper is exceptionally durable and corrosion resistance. Its low maintenance requirement, malleability and flexibility means it answers virtually every architectural demand.


Aluminium Pre-coated .7mm

Aluminium roofs also have a long history. The most famous example is the church of San Gioacchiano built in Rome in 1897. Aluminium is light and offers aesthetic shapes while remaining a cost favourable alternative. Aluminium is very stable in a material mix, durable and corrosion resistant, ideal for coastal areas.

Colour coating ensures the roof fits into the environment. It is fully recyclable making it one of the more environmentally sound building materials.


STEEL Pre-coated .55mm

Steel roofing has been an important building material for decades, today it is more popular than ever. Advanced manufacturing methods and new paint processes allow it to meet the most demanding modern roofing standards. The crisp, clean appearance and colour options contributes to a wide variety of residential styles and commercial applications.