Intelligent facade claddings for high tech architecture

Whether residential home, apartment building, airport terminal, shopping centre, conference hall, innovative entrance way or inviting portico, TARC Cladding Systems provide architects and designers with virtually unlimited options for creative design ideas.

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Standing Seam Cladding

Orientated vertically or horizontally, the Standing Seam Cladding System will add new dimensions and textures to a building profile, with lineal straight lines or follow a building contour in soft natural curves, intermediate tray seams can be staggered or symmetrical, in a wide variety of colours, textures and finishes.
Nominal Dimensions: Specific design
Substrate: Copper, zinc, aluminium, pre-painted steel

Pe2 Aluminium Cladding

Pe2 is more than just a facade, it demonstrates its strengths with complex architectural elements such as curves, arcs, edges or overhanging ceilings, in brief Pe2 adapts to your ideas.
Nominal Dimensions: 3000mm x 200-300mm x 24mm
Substrate: 2mm Aluminium

V25 Interlocking Panel

Interlocking V25 panel delivers to the architect/designer a range of axial dimensions when designing facades, panels can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
Nominal Dimensions: 4000mm x 150-300mm x 24mm
Substrate: 1mm Zinc or Aluminium

Flat Lock Panel

With their impressive visual appearance, the Flat Lock Panel excels in large format facades, the panels can be fabricated in different sizes to suit individual requirements and can be laid vertically or horizontally. A “stretcher bond” appearance can be created in either symmetrical or random patterns.
Nominal Dimensions: Specific design
Substrate: 0.7mm Copper, zinc, or aluminium

TARC Cladding Benefits

  • 100% recyclable.
  • Lightweight, fast and easy to install.
  • No fire hazard or toxic gas issues.
  • An almost unlimited range of colours, textures and finishes.
  • Panel flatness is ideal for larger facades.
  • Suitable for ISO Category 1-5 environments.
  • Hidden fixings require minimal maintenance.
  • No stiffeners or bracing required at corners.

TARC Cladding systems are pressure equalized rain screens, these are specifically designed to inhibit the ingress of driven rain and will allow any penetrating moisture to dry out, in short, the building is allowed to breathe naturally.

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