TECU® product range

An innovative new option to create sensational, lively perspectives in façade cladding and roof design – with copper.

As an alternative to architectural steel, consider a new addition to the popular TECU® product range: an interesting reddish-brown copper surface finish resembling ‘weathered steel’, with all the positive features associated with copper, like outstanding flexibility, long-term durability and ease of use.

We call this latest innovation from TECU® Iron, Copper II. It’s made from
100% recycled copper, reduces CO² emissions and saves energy, making it an ideal modern ‘green’ building material.

For a sensational new option in façade cladding and roof design, look no further than Copper II – the optimum in natural surface finishes.



TECU Iron One

TECU Iron Two

Please note that due to printing processes, the colours of these samples may differ from the real product.

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